Website Highlights Israel’s Anti-Tunnel Weapon

Website Highlights Israel’s Anti-Tunnel Weapon

TEL AVIV, Israel — Project Snake Pit is the name of Israel’s secret weapon first employed in the final stages of Israel’s grueling anti-tunnel war in Gaza as part of Operation Protective Edge.

A combined effort by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s MAFAT research and development directorate, state-owned Rafael and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operational teams, Project Snake Pit combines “a number of technologies” and “off the shelf components” to answer the subterranean threat, according to a MoD promotional video posted last week on “In the Rooms of Haredim,” a religious Hebrew-language website.

The MAFAT promotional video was presented April 29 as part of a closed-door ceremony awarding excellence in breakthrough technologies and developments on behalf of Israeli security requirements.

Among recipients of the MAFAT award was Col. Ofer Winter, commander of the IDF Givati infantry brigade that suffered losses in anti-tunnel combat throughout the Gaza Strip.

In the video, Winter cited the ability of industry, MoD and warriors working together to “bring a real solution that contributed and achieved operational results.”

Winter further noted: “You are going to a certain enemy, and you don’t want to get dragged into combat the way he planned it. So you need to know how to create an advantage over the enemy.”

Source: Website Highlights Israel’s Anti-Tunnel Weapon

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