NATO Rises to New Training Challenges

NATO Rises to New Training Challenges

PRAGUE — Exercise Trident Juncture, taking place this fall in Spain, Portugal and Italy, will be NATO’s largest exercise for more than a decade. The alliance will use the opportunity to test new training dynamics and to determine methods by which greater training effectiveness can be integrated into future exercises.

Speaking at a NATO roundtable for journalists during ITEC 2015 in Prague on April 29, Wayne Buck of Future Solutions, Modelling & Simulation for Allied Command Transformation, said, “Trident Juncture represents a shift from operations for the first time in years and offers us an opportunity for significant knowledge transfer, to ensure we retain and act upon the lessons learned from operational experience.”

Lt. Col. Wolfgang Schmidt, head of the Wargaming and Modelling & Simulation Branch of NATO’s Joint Force Training Center’s Training Support Division, highlighted just how different this exercise will be in terms of its focus and the training objectives.

“We have now more or less come to the end of NATO-related training in Afghanistan, though there are some continuing residual activities,” he said. “Trident Juncture gives us the opportunity to return the emphasis to Article Five type training, and to work effectively across the full range of participating national forces by adhering to the process ‘train – advise – assist.’ We have to reinforce that this is not a concept – we need to get it to reality in very short order,” he said.

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