SMC Commander Highlights Developments at 2015 Space Symposium

SMC Commander Highlights Developments at 2015 Space Symposium

 Lt. Gen. Samuel A. Greaves, commander of the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center, spoke at the 2015 Space Symposium here on Apr. 16.  He highlighted how space is essential to the warfighter capability; how space is changing, and how SMC must change; launch competition and new development; and space risk reduction for resilience and affordability.

“These are truly exciting times for just about everything across the spectrum of space activity, and our progress would not be possible without the continued hard work, attention to detail, and focus on mission success from every member of our expert and talented government and Industry teams,” said Lt. Gen. Greaves.

He went on to talk about how space is essential to the warfighter capability.

“Space systems multiply our abilities and, along with advances in the other warfighting domains, have allowed us to continue providing war winning capability to our joint and coalition forces,” said Lt. Gen. Greaves. “The very lives of our warfighters, and our nation’s defenses, depend upon continued collective government and industry commitment to mission success.  So, the demand for space capabilities has never been higher.”

“We are supporting the demand today by completing the building out of the current generation of space systems – Advanced Extremely High Frequency system, Space-Based Infrared, and GPS IIF, and proceeding with the development of GPS III, which just last week completed mating the first satellite’s system module to its propulsion module, marking a big step to getting factory production of GPS III into an efficient flow,” he said. “We must now continue in earnest with developing the next generation of systems to prepare for tomorrow.”


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Source:: Air Force Space Command