Guantánamo’s 9-year hunger striker asks to go home

Guantánamo’s 9-year hunger striker asks to go home

A man held captive as a suspected Osama bin Laden bodyguard since the day the prison opened at Guantánamo went before a multi-agency parole board Tuesday seeking release to his native Saudi Arabia to marry, finish college and join his brothers in business.

Abdul Rahman Shalabi, 39, has been described as Guantánamo’s longest-running hunger striker. “He has been on a peaceful but long-term hunger strike since 2005,” according to a statement released by his lawyer, Julia Tarver Mason Wood.

And he appeared slim in a video feed of the proceedings. He had a full beard and wore a white tunic top and skullcap, according to a Pentagon official who watched a portion.

A three-paragraph U.S. intelligence profile released by the Pentagon on the eve of his hearing said al-Qaida may have considered using Shalabi for a suicide attack but in all his years at the prison camps in Cuba he has provided interrogators with “no information of value.”

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