Xi Says China Will ‘Always Stand By’ Pakistan

Xi Says China Will ‘Always Stand By’ Pakistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping says that China has always helped Pakistan when it is in need and that “the Chinese people will always stand by the Pakistani people.”

In a televised address to Pakistan’s parliament on April 21, the visiting Chinese president praised Pakistan and painted a picture of a special partnership between Beijing and its closest ally in South Asia.

In one of several allusions to Islamic militants and other security threats, Xi said the countries are linked by “similar suffering” and “shared struggles that have brought our hearts and minds together.”

He praised Islamabad’s counterterrorism efforts, saying China will “never forget” that Pakistan has “contributed greatly” to security along China’s western border.

China is a leading arms supplier to Pakistan and has sought its help combating anti-Chinese Islamic separatists reportedly hiding in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas.

Xi is on a two-day visit to Pakistan.

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