Turks Seek Indigenous Engine Technology

Turks Seek Indigenous Engine Technology

ANKARA — Most Turkish programs in recent years have gone with the priority tag of “indigenous.”

Yet all of the indigenous programs, whether naval, ground or air, lacked an indigenous engine. Turkey is now trying to earn the technology to build one.

“Locally developed engines inevitably will be an important part of Turkish procurement strategy in the years ahead,” one senior procurement official said. “The idea is to buy know-how [from foreign firms] and localize it over the course of time. We aim at 100 percent Turkish engines for future platforms of all sorts.”

Another procurement official specializing in engine programs said a recent study found that Turkey could earn fully indigenous engine technology in the next five to 10 years if it fully implements a proposed roadmap.

“Perhaps we should have launched this effort years ago. Better late than never,” the official said. “Each day without a solid national engine program would expose indigenous platform programs to the risk of further delays.”

Parallel efforts by one state-controlled and two privately owned companies to build indigenous engines are underway.

Tusas Turkish Engine Industries (TEI), a government-controlled engine maker, has devised a 20-year roadmap for the design, development and manufacture of a local aircraft engine, company officials said. TEI hopes its indigenous engine will power the TF-X, the indigenous Turkish fighter jet to be developed.

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