Boehner Doesn’t Want Final Iran Deal

Boehner Doesn’t Want Final Iran Deal

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner says he hopes the Obama administration fails to broker a deal with Iran because leaders in Tehran are not serious about giving up their alleged pursuit of nuclear arms.

Just days after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved a measure that would establish a process under which Congress could review a deal, Boehner took to cable news to say he is opposed to any potential pact.

“It just appears to me that the administration wants a deal at almost any cost,” Boehner told the Fox Business Channel. “That’s a bad way to negotiate.

What’s more, the Ohio Republican doubts the US and five other world powers can secure “a real agreement” with the Iranian regime.

“I would hope not,” he said when asked if he thinks there will be a final deal.
“I’ve never been optimistic that we’d get to an agreement, a real agreement that would stop the nuclear threat from Iran,” Boehner said, “and I don’t think the Iranians have any intention of giving up their desire for a nuclear weapon.”

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