Joint Cyber Training New Nordic Priority

Joint Cyber Training New Nordic Priority

HELSINKI — Cyberwarfare technology training has been identified as a new project area within The military-run Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO) program.

NORDEFCO will pool information gained from military-operated cyber defense centers with research and intelligence received under partnership agreements with cyber crime law enforcement units.

Training will focus on best practices in the joint assessment of cyber threats against targets within the Nordic and Baltic militaries, government and industrial spheres.

NORDEFCO’s pan-Nordic Cyber Warfare Collaboration Project (CWCP) also will interact with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence (CCDCE), Tallinn, Estonia, which functions as a NATO-accredited research and training facility.

Although the CCDCE primarily serves NATO nations, it does run cooperation projects jointly with specialized cyber military and law enforcement agencies in NATO partner countries, including Sweden and Finland.

The CWCP will also construct training programs around research conducted by the Finnish armed forces’ cyberwarfare unit from 2011-2014. Using a step-by-step approach, the Finnish computer emergency response team (CERT) developed processes and practices, including the identification of legitimate and suspected hostile targets. The research and training program was conducted in partnership with the military’s National Defense University.

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