CNO: Virtual Reality Training Should Be for All Hands

CNO: Virtual Reality Training Should Be for All Hands

The Navy’s top officer said it’s time to bring simulators and virtual reality training to the whole fleet by bringing it to the waterfront.

While simulation has long been a mainstay of aviation training and more recently the littoral combat ship, Adm. Jon Greenert said Monday that virtual reality training can benefit sailors in every rate.

“The fidelity of virtual reality today is such that our folks can use touch screens to immerse in anything from starting a diesel engine, to launching a torpedo to working on an aircraft,” Greenert said during a panel discussion at the 2015 Sea-Air-Space Expo.

Greenert said the Navy should move training closer to the waterfront so units can have access to the immersive trainers as they need them, and that this would save money over the traditional schoolhouse and lab learning model.

“We can save enormous time and money in this [area],” he said. “The technology we’re talking about costs tens of thousands of dollars. Building a new laboratory will cost you millions of dollars.”

The simulators would be housed in conex boxes or trailers, with technology that is adaptable for any number of training scenarios.

“You go in … and you’re surrounded by screens and you are going to learn to start a gas turbine engine. Then you can shift over, and you are in a sonar room. You can shift over again, and you are working on a helicopter engine.

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