Kenya Struggles Over Best Response to University Attack

Kenya Struggles Over Best Response to University Attack

NAIROBI, Kenya — Opposition leaders demanded Wednesday that Kenya pull its troops out of Somalia as soon as possible and accused the president of trying to emasculate the judiciary, one of Kenya’s few public institutions that are not considered hopelessly corrupt, in the wake of a terrorist attack last week that killed 142 students.

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, is hastily trying to tighten security across the country and has called for 10,000 police recruits to report for duty, in clear defiance of a court order last year that found the recruitment process so riddled with corruption that it had to be started afresh.

Kenya is clearly struggling with how to respond to the gruesome attack carried out by a handful of militants from the Shabab Islamist group, based in Somalia.
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Government officials said Wednesday that the police had discovered a man hiding among the dead bodies who might have been an additional attacker. The Kenyan authorities initially said that four gunmen had killed the students at a university on Kenya’s eastern frontier and that all the gunmen were killed by Kenyan commandos at the end of a protracted siege.

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