Aselsan System To Arm Croatian Patrol Boats

Aselsan System To Arm Croatian Patrol Boats

ANKARA — Defense electronics specialist Aselsan, Turkey’s biggest defense company, has signed a contract with Croatian shipbuilder Brodosplit to supply a remote-controlled, stabilized naval gun system for the Croatian Coast Guard.

The deal marks the first sale of the 30mm SMASH naval gun system to a member of the European Union and NATO, Aselsan said April 8. The system to be sold is the 30mm SMASH naval gun system. The company did not announce the value of the sale.

In December, Brodosplit won a contract from the Croatian government for the sale of five coastal patrol boats. Aselsan said. The 41.85-meter boats will be fitted with a 30mm automatic gun, two manually operated 12.7mm machine guns and four manually operated portable anti-aircraft rocket systems.

The SMASH is a remotely operated stabilized weapon station fitted with 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II cannon. SMASH configurations incorporate advanced features as remote operation, built-in electro-optic sensor system for autonomous operation, day and night operation, stabilized turret, automatic target tracking (detect, track and fire on the move) and ballistic computation.

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