More South Sudanese Seek Shelter at U.N. Bases

More South Sudanese Seek Shelter at U.N. Bases

In a sign of worsening problems in South Sudan, convulsed by civil war and intensifying hunger for more than a year, the United Nations said Tuesday that an increasing number of displaced South Sudanese are seeking shelter and protection at its peacekeeping outposts.

Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for the United Nations, said at a daily briefing at its headquarters in New York that 4,500 South Sudanese had recently entered a peacekeeping base in Upper Nile State, bringing the total number who have sought sanctuary at the base to 26,000 and pushing the total in the entire country who are living within the confines of United Nations facilities to 115,000.
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While that total is dwarfed by the estimated 1.5 million displaced people elsewhere in South Sudan (and 500,000 who have fled to neighboring countries), it is still regarded as a barometer of the country’s precarious stability. Mr. Dujarric said it was the largest number of South Sudanese housed at United Nations facilities in South Sudan since the civil war erupted.

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