Khamenei Had Full Knowledge of Iran Nuclear Deal, Official Says

Khamenei Had Full Knowledge of Iran Nuclear Deal, Official Says

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had full knowledge of the provisions his country agreed to in its nuclear accord with world powers, a negotiator said, backing President Hassan Rouhani against domestic critics of the deal.

“We will stand by this agreement and will defend it any level,” said Hamid Baeedinejad, the Iranian foreign ministry’s director of political international affairs, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency. “The Supreme Leader is fully aware of the decisions and so is Dr. Rouhani.”

Khamenei is Iran’s ultimate authority and his approval is needed for the agreement to go through. While he hasn’t commented publicly on the framework agreement, the remarks by Baeedinejad, who was part of the negotiating team in Switzerland, indicate that Khamenei has endorsed the accord.

Negotiators from Iran and world powers now have three months to reach a comprehensive deal that would help end Iran’s isolation and ease sanctions that crippled the nation’s economy.

On Sunday, Iran’s military chief General Hassan Firouzabadi congratulated Khamenei on negotiators’ success in comments that may indicate the political establishment’s official line in presenting the deal at home.

Thanks to Khamenei’s leadership and efforts by Rouhani’s team of negotiators, “another step was taken to ensure Iran’s inalienable right” to produce peaceful nuclear energy, Firouzabadi said in a letter to Khamenei, the Fars news agency reported.

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