G.O.P. Senator, Bob Corker, Is Key Player in Iran Accord

G.O.P. Senator, Bob Corker, Is Key Player in Iran Accord

WASHINGTON — While negotiators toiled late into the night in Switzerland, scratching together a nuclear agreement with Iran, Senator Bob Corker was conducting his own tense talks back home.

The new chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Corker, a Tennessee Republican, was trying to marshal a bipartisan coalition for his bill to force President Obama to send any agreement with Iran to Congress for approval — a bill that could get enough votes to overcome a veto by Mr. Obama.

“I know that the diplomats in Switzerland, knowing that Congress was likely to weigh in on this deal, that was a positive thing,” Mr. Corker said in a telephone interview on Monday. “Voting for this legislation will have a positive effect on the negotiations, not a negative effect.”
There are few people on Capitol Hill more important to the White House right now than Mr. Corker, the silver-haired senator with the Southern drawl who sees himself as a bridge builder in a Senate known for polarization. At the White House, nobody likes his bill, which would give Congress a 60-day window to debate the Iran agreement before voting yes or no or taking no action, but Mr. Obama and his advisers see him as someone who might work with them to revise the legislation and ultimately make a deal.

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