In Jamaica, man hurls ‘suspicious package’ at U.S. embassy

In Jamaica, man hurls ‘suspicious package’ at U.S. embassy

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaican soldiers and police are positioned around the U.S. Embassy in the island’s capital after a man hurled a “suspicious package” over the building’s wall.

Wednesday’s incident comes about a week before President Obama is due to visit Jamaica on April 9 ahead of the Summit of the Americas in Panama.

Embassy public affairs counselor Joshua Polacheck says a person threw the package over the wall on Wednesday morning. Neither he nor police described the package.

He says the embassy has been temporarily closed to visitors, but was not evacuated.

Polacheck says Jamaican authorities have detained the suspect and U.S. officials are investigating the matter with their island counterparts.

A police spokesman did not immediately provide any information about the detained man or other specifics.

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