Conference to Aid Syrians Falls Short of Expectations

Conference to Aid Syrians Falls Short of Expectations

In an ominous sign of possible donor fatigue, delegates to an international fund-raising conference for victims of the Syrian war pledged $3.8 billion on Tuesday, less than half the emergency humanitarian assistance sought by the United Nations for this year, even as the number of Syrians suffering mass displacement from the four-year-old conflict showed no sign of easing.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations, attending the third annual donor conference in Kuwait, sought to frame the amount pledged in positive terms. He called it an “unprecedented show of solidarity” to ease the crisis confronting 12 million Syrians inside the country, or more than half its prewar population, plus nearly four million who have sought refuge in neighboring countries.

“The Syrian people are victims of the worst humanitarian disaster of our time,” Mr. Ban said in a speech to the conference posted on the United Nations website.

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