McConnell Warns of Bad Deal With Iran

McConnell Warns of Bad Deal With Iran

TEL AVIV, Israel — With the deadline on an interim nuclear agreement with Iran less than 48 hours away, a US Senate delegation led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., visiting here Sunday joined Israeli officials to sound the alarm about an imminent “bad deal.”

Israeli Defense Minister Moseh Ya’alon quickly dismissed the Iranian regime as one that can not be trusted. “One does not have to be an intelligence agency member to know that Iran is lying without blinking, that today it is the biggest danger to the stability of the Middle East and the entire world,” he said in a statement.

Ya’alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the McConnell-led Senate delegation Sunday morning in Jerusalem to discuss the dangers of the deal being negotiated between the P5+Iran in Switzerland.

Warning against the onslaught of Iranian hegemony, which most recently has manifested itself in Yemen, Netanayhu warned: “This is happening before our eyes and I think the most important thing is to make sure that Iran doesn’t get a path to the bomb and that Iran’s aggression in Yemen and elsewhere, including around Israel’s borders is stopped.”

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