Jury awards $3.75 million to former Maersk seaman

Jury awards $3.75 million to former Maersk seaman

A Circuit Court jury awarded $3.75 million Tuesday to a former Maersk Line Ltd. employee who claimed South Korean police raped him in 2008 while he was on shore leave, according to the man’s attorney.

“On behalf of the seaman, we are grateful for the jury’s attentive service and understanding of the severe harm done to him by the company,” said James Chapman IV, an attorney representing the now-54-year-old Mathews County man.

He said the jury ruled the company was negligent under maritime law because Maersk wrongly refused to provide psychiatric and medical treatment for his client.

“It will take years before the seaman can hope to recover from the psychological damage inflicted by the company and the captain of the ship,” Chapman said.

John Holloway, an attorney representing Maersk, did not return calls and emails seeking comment.

A previous $25 million jury verdict was overturned on appeal. In 2012, the state Supreme Court ordered a new trial.

It started March 9 and lasted more than two weeks. During his closing arguments, Chapman asked for $10 million in damages. He said his client was punched, kicked, forced to drink alcohol and raped July 14, 2008, in South Korea by men who appeared to be police officers.

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