Israel, US To Integrate Cyber Test Beds

Israel, US To Integrate Cyber Test Beds

TEL AVIV — The Cyber Security Division of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aims to expand collaboration with the Israel National Cyber Bureau (NCB), Israeli cyber companies and local start-up firms.

Speaking Tuesday at the opening session of CyberTech 2015, an international trade show here, DHS Cyber Security Director Douglas Maughan ranked Israel among the top 10 partner nations for cooperative research and development.

As such, DHS is working with Israeli counterparts to integrate an Israeli cyber experimentation center into the US Defense Technology Experimental Research (DETER) test bed.

It’s also encouraging Israeli government agencies, established cyber companies and local start-ups to bid on some $75 million in grants awarded each year for cyber security research, he said.

“Cyber is a team sport,” Maughan told conference participants here. “Advanced research and development has global economic and national security implications for all of us. We have an aggressive agenda with $75 million in annual funding … [and] Israeli NCB and Israeli companies are welcome to respond to our research solicitations.”

More than 100 well-established local and international companies and another 100 Israeli start-up firms participated in the event, which featured senior government officials and industry executives from more than a dozen nations.

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