Tunisian Museum Attack Leads to Firing of Chiefs

Tunisian Museum Attack Leads to Firing of Chiefs

TUNIS — Prime Minister Habib Essid of Tunisia dismissed six police commanders on Monday, including the capital’s police chief, for security failures brought to light after gunmen fatally shot 20 foreign tourists last week.

In an interview in his office in the old city of Tunis, the prime minister said he had removed the chiefs after visiting the museum with a group of top officials on Sunday. He said he had found lapses in security even after the attack, the country’s worst terrorist assault in more than a decade.

“I went to look close up and see how things function,” he said. “We told the interior minister there are failings and we have to prevent another catastrophe.”

There were problems in controlling access to the compound that houses the National Bardo Museum, a historic palace that has a large collection of Roman mosaics, and the parliament buildings, he said, adding that the police lacked the means to enforce adequate security.
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Yassine Abidi, left, was identified as one of two gunmen killed during a rampage in which 20 tourists were killed. Officials released video from a museum security camera showing the attack.
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The attack at the museum on Wednesday — in which two gunmen fatally shot 20 cruise ship passengers from Japan, Poland, Italy, Colombia and elsewhere — has shaken both the country and the new Tunisian government.

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