House, Senate Budgets Taking Political Fire

House, Senate Budgets Taking Political Fire

WASHINGTON — US House and Senate budget resolutions that keep defense sequestration cuts in place are taking fire from lawmakers and politically influential groups.

House Budget Committee leaders had hoped to complete work Thursday evening on a budget resolution that would trim $5.5 trillion in federal spending while also keeping defense and domestic spending caps in place.

The measure proposes $90 billion in overseas contingency operations (OCO) funds, up from the $50.9 billion requested by the Obama administration. The inflation is an attempt to prevent 70 GOP defense hawks, who want more Pentagon spending, from withholding support and killing the measure on the floor.

House Budget Committee leaders are, according to reports, mulling an amendment that would further inflate the war fund to nearly $100 billion.

Most of the incoming fire was from the House GOP defense caucus — until Thursday morning when the the conservative Heritage Foundation weighed in.

“Those who proclaim the new House Republican budget will be good for our nation’s defense — they’re wrong,” Heritage Action’s CEO Mike Needham and Heritage Foundation’s Director of National Security Policy Steven Bucci, wrote in an op-ed.

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