Here’s What Is in the Senate’s Cybersecurity Bill

Here’s What Is in the Senate’s Cybersecurity Bill

The Senate Intelligence Committee released late Tuesday the language of its recently passed cybersecurity bill, which its backers say could hit the Senate floor as soon as April.

The text of the legislation—which the committee passed 14-1 last Thursday—is largely the same as the discussion drafts that circulated before the vote, but it does incorporate a number of privacy-related amendments that were offered during the markup.

Despite the changes, privacy advocates indicated they are still worried the measure could lead to more spying by the National Security Agency.

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is intended to help forestall cyberattacks like the one that crippled Sony Pictures last year, but concerns about government surveillance prevented a similar measure from earning a vote on the Senate floor in the last Congress. The legislation creates a voluntary framework for the private sector to share more computer data with the government by offering companies expanded legal liability if they choose to participate.

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