Guantanamo parole board clears another ‘forever prisoner’

Guantanamo parole board clears another ‘forever prisoner’

A federal parole board has cleared another Guantanamo “forever prisoner” — a 36-year-old Yemeni former foot soldier — for release from the detention center in southeast Cuba.

When Saeed Sarem Jarabh got to Guantanamo in February 2002 he was profiled as a possible bodyguard for Osama bin Laden. But a recommendation for transfer to a third country released by the parole board Wednesday called him a “low-level fighter” who “lacked a leadership position in al-Qaida or the Taliban.”

Board members from the Departments of Defense, Justice, State, Homeland Security as well as the National Intelligence directorate cited as a reason for his release a “lack of indications that the detainee harbors anti-American sentiments, extremist beliefs or intention to reengage” after 13 years in U.S. military custody.

The Yemeni went before the parole board in January, via video link between the prison and offices near the Pentagon, and asked to be reunited in Yemen with his wife, two daughters and elderly parents. He said, through a representative, that alternatively he was “completely open to transfer to other nations where his family could join him,” for example, Saudi Arabia.

The representative, a U.S. military officer whose identity is shielded from the public, told the board that the Yemeni has studied English and Spanish at Guantanamo.

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