USA set to welcome Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla

USA set to welcome Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla

They’re back.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, arrive in Washington, D.C, Tuesday evening for a four-day visit that also includes a day in Louisville, Ky.

Their jammed schedule includes a tete-a-tete with President Obama in the Oval Office, and historical-themed engagements aimed at the usual royal purpose when in America: Polishing the “special relationship.”

Lately, with the U.S. annoyed with Britain’s ties to China and its reduction in military spending, the relationship is looking a little worn, analysts say. “Our special relationship hangs by a thread,” reported The Telegraph in January.

Time to send in the royals. The Prince of Wales, the next king of the United Kingdom and second only to Queen Elizabeth II in rank, is making this visit at the request of the British government, and to highlight environmental and conservation projects close to his heart.

It’s the 20th time Charles has visited the USA in an official capacity, and the third time for his wife. The royal couple, who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next month, first visited as a newlywed couple a few months after their controversial, and unprecedented nuptials, in April 2005 in Windsor.

On their first trip, Camilla, 67, was clearly nervous in the media glare, and still fending off her reputation as the “most hated woman in Britain.” Charles’ first wife, the late Princess Diana, accused Camilla of ruining her marriage and many of her American loyalists agreed, greeting the newlyweds with jeers and nasty signs.

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