UWF sonar aided in Black Hawk recovery

UWF sonar aided in Black Hawk recovery

The entire local community rallied around the search for 11 missing military personnel last week, including researchers from the University of West Florida.

Using advanced sonar equipment, members of the UWF maritime archeology program helped locate wreckage from a UH-60 Black Hawk that crashed in the Santa Rosa Sound on Tuesday.
“It’s the maritime surveying gear that we have that is sometimes useful in searching for drowning victims, crime scene investigations – or in this case – the crash site of the Black Hawk helicopter,” said Gregory Cook, a maritime archeologist with UWF’s anthropology program.The sonar equipment is normally used to find underwater archeological sites like shipwrecks. The sonar devices, which resemble small torpedoes, are towed behind boats by cables. As the devices travel, they emit acoustic sound waves that bounce back when they hit an object, allowing archeologists to map out the locations of objects on the sea floor by computer.

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