Iran Produces First Long-Range Missile

Iran Produces First Long-Range Missile

TEL-AVIV—Iran has unveiled a domestically produced long-range land attack cruise missile, dubbed Soumar.

Based on the Russian Kh-55, the Soumar is believed to have a range of at least 2,000 km. “This missile represents a significant leap in the Middle East arms race,” says Col. Aviram Hasson of Israel’s Missile Defense Organization.

“It positions Iran among the world’s leaders in missile technology,” a Western intelligence source adds.

Iranian defense minister Hussein Dehghan presented the new surface-to-surface missile on March 8 as an “effective step” in boosting the country’s defense and deterrence capabilities. Dehghan described the Soumar as capable of hitting long-range targets with “high accuracy, while evading enemy counter-measures.” Western intelligence sources noted that the missile’s warhead appears smaller than the Russian original and is incapable of carrying a nuclear device. Iranian media reported that the missile completed its testing and is now in serial production.

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