Graham: GOP Needs One Dem Vote on Iran

Graham: GOP Needs One Dem Vote on Iran

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans are one vote shy of the threshold needed to override a presidential veto on a bill requiring congressional approval of a deal with Iran, says Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., recently canceled a floor vote on the bill when Democrats threatened a filibuster, arguing it is better to wait for a March 24 deadline in the talks between Iran, the United States and four other world powers.

On March 1, Graham appeared on ABC News’ “This Week” program and said there would be “over 67 votes” for the measure, the amount needed to override a potential veto by President Barack Obama.

But on Thursday evening, Graham was on Fox News Channel and said Senate Republicans currently need one more Democrat to get on board.

“We got 66 now,” he said. “We have got all Republicans and we have got 12 Democrats.”

As that late-March deadline nears, Graham has a message for Democrats.

“I can’t imagine a member of the United States Senate saying that I don’t want to look at a deal that relieves congressional sanctions,” Graham. “I don’t want to vote on it myself. How do you explain that to your constituents?”

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