McCain: ‘A Lot’ of Members in Sequester Talks

McCain: ‘A Lot’ of Members in Sequester Talks

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain says a large group of senators are discussing plans to avert additional across-the-board Pentagon budget cuts.

Among senators, there are “all kinds of negotiations,” the Arizona Republican, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, told reporters Tuesday.

“There is a group of members — Republican and Democrat — on the Armed Services Committee that are coming and meeting and talking about it,” he said. “There’s a whole lot of people who are discussing it.”

McCain told reporters he will do “whatever it takes to avert sequester on defense.”

“I will not agree to any budget that does not stop sequestration,” he said. “We just had testimony this morning that will put the lives of American men and women in uniform in danger if we continue with sequestration.

“I would be glad to listen to any proposals,” McCain said.

Sequestration was first etched into stone by the 2011 Budget Control Act after a subsequent bipartisan supercommittee failed to agree to a massive federal deficit-reduction plan.

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