Paris Seeks 3 Suspects in 1982 Attack on Jewish Deli

Paris Seeks 3 Suspects in 1982 Attack on Jewish Deli

PARIS — For more than three decades, the case, at the time considered the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in France since World War II, remained unsolved, stumping investigators and haunting the Jewish community in Paris.

The attack in 1982 at a storied Jewish deli killed six people, including two Americans, and wounded 22 others. The police said at the time that the attack on the deli, Goldenberg, on Rue des Rosiers, a narrow and lively street in the Marais district now peppered with falafel restaurants and Judaica shops, had been meticulously planned and involved as many as six assailants. During the attack, one of the attackers threw a grenade into the restaurant while the others fired at customers.

They escaped on foot, shooting as they fled. Then they vanished.
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In 2007, a new investigating judge, Marc Trévidic, then 41, took over the case. And on Wednesday, after years of hunting down leads across several continents, the authorities in Paris announced that they had identified three suspects, all associated with a prominent Palestinian terrorist, and sought to bring them into custody.

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