Conservatives Lose as House Funds DHS

Conservatives Lose as House Funds DHS

WASHINGTON — US House conservatives lost big Tuesday when the chamber, in a rare bipartisan vote, sent a $39.7 billion Homeland Security funding bill to the president’s desk.

The bill passed with mostly Democratic support, as only 75 House Republicans voted for the “clean” spending bill. The final tally was 257-167.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, informed his caucus Tuesday morning that he would bring a “clean” full-year Homeland Security funding bill to a floor vote just four days after the far-right faction of his caucus blocked his attempts to pass a three-week stopgap bill on Friday.

The tea party wing of the GOP conference — which now operates under the “Freedom Caucus” moniker — wanted the Homeland Security funding bill to include riders that would defund President Barack Obama’s recent immigration action.

The House in January passed a full-year DHS funding bill that contained those kinds of provisions, but several attempts to pass it through the Senate failed. The upper chamber late last week approved the same “clean” version that the House sent to Obama on Tuesday.

The move marks a big win for congressional Democrats, especially in the Senate. It also is a big loss for Republicans — all of whom oppose Obama’s since-frozen decision to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation but differ on the tactics of blocking it.

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