Congress to review nuke budget Thursday

Congress to review nuke budget Thursday

Adm. Cecil Haney, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, and Brian McKeon, the principal undersecretary of defense for policy, will testify before the House Armed Services Committee. The committee is expected to discuss the military’s response to the cheating scandal and morale issues in the Air Force nuclear community.

Those problems prompted Air Force Global Strike Command to implement the Force Improvement Program, a bottom-up review that included input from airmen of all career fields and ranks within the command. The review has prompted dozens of reforms, ranging from revamping the testing and training of missileers to new equipment for security forces.

The Air Force has budgeted $350 million for upgrades and other programs for the nuclear community over the next five years, in addition to other long-term plans

such as modernizing and eventually replacing

and developing the next-generation long-range strike bomber.

The Defense Department’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal calls for 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles in its nuclear force, along with 96 operational bombers and 14 fleet ballistic missile submarines to keep the nuclear triad consistent with previous years, and in line with requirements under the New START treaty.

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