Big win, bigger surprise for Airman at annual awards banquet

Big win, bigger surprise for Airman at annual awards banquet

By [email protected] (Brian Hagberg)

Then-Staff Sgt. Jillian Thompson knew the 50th Space Wing Annual Awards banquet was going to be a special night for her. She just didn’t know exactly how special it was going to be.

Thompson found out that afternoon that she had been selected as the winner of the Air Force Financial Management Educator of the Year for 2014. She didn’t know she was going to receive her technical sergeant stripe that night until it was given to her by base leadership.

“At first, I thought they were just goofing around because they had found out about the Air Force award,” Thompson said. “I had no idea, I was blown away. I don’t even know that there are words to describe that feeling.”

Thompson’s promotion was awarded as part of the Stripes for Exceptional Performers program. She knew her supervisor had put in the nomination package, but thought that she had not been selected. She said the promotion was a complete surprise.

“Thompson joined the 50th Comptroller Squadron team in the summer of 2014, and this avid distance racer literally hit the ground running,” said Lt. Col Kenneth Walker, 50th Comptroller Squadron commander. “She was critical to the wing’s fiscal year 2014 closeout effort, has vastly improved our unit training program and is single-handedly implementing a women’s professional development forum for the Wing.”

According to Air Force Instruction 36-2502, the STEP program was designed to provide a means to promote Airmen, to staff sergeant, technical sergeant or master sergeant, for “compelling, although perhaps not quantifiable, reasons.”

“It was incredible to learn of Sergeant Thompson’s well deserved Air Force level award recognition and STEP promotion on the same day,” Walker said. “She’s an incredible Airman and we’re proud to say she’s on our team!”

Of course, the promotion was just icing on the cake for what was already a special night for Thompson. She spent the bulk of 2014 teaching at the Army Financial Management School at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

“It was a special duty assignment that was advertised,” she said. “I called and asked about it, they picked me to go and I worked for them for about three years.”

During that time, Thompson was responsible for teaching three diverse groups of students. She taught the Army Basic Officer Leadership course for all new second lieutenants coming into finance for the Army, the Reserve Captain’s Career course for new Reserve captains in financial management and the Planning, Program, Budget and Execution course, which is open to any rank.


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Source:: Air Force Space Command