Turner: Putin’s Actions Must ‘Come With a Price’

Turner: Putin’s Actions Must ‘Come With a Price’

President Barack Obama should take actions to show Russia its alleged military advances in Ukraine “come with a price,” says a member of two House national security committees.

Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, in a telephone interview Thursday evening with CongressWatch, wants Obama to “acknowledge that Russian troops” inside Ukraine “represent an invasion.”

A member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees, Turner says it’s time for Obama to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin with “a military deterrent.”

Administration officials “can make it clear that Russia’s actions will come at a price,” he said. “I think it needs to be a military deterrent.

“Russia should see they don’t have unfettered military reach throughout Europe without there being a credible military response,” Turner said. “The fact that [Obama] has almost been so committed to a diplomatic and sanctions regime that he seems blind to the true military actions that are happening.”

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Turner called for the White House to green-light a “re-commitment of conventional forces and even nuclear weapons” to Russia’s backyard.

“At this point, everyone is looking for a credible deterrent,” Turner said, adding his “biggest concern” is that Putin believes he can position nuclear-capable weaponry on soil the international community recognizes as Ukrainian.

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