SOTU Analysis: Obama Doubles Down

SOTU Analysis: Obama Doubles Down

US President Barack Obama claimed several national security successes during his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, defiantly doubling down on his belief that military power alone is insufficient.

Republican lawmakers and analysts spent most of Tuesday hammering Obama’s policies on Russia, the Islamic State and Afghanistan, arguing the commander in chief’s approach has left the United States — and its allies — vulnerable to attacks and with less sway on the global stage.

The commander in chief made no mention of striking a fiscal deal that would nix or lessen the remaining years of across-the-board defense — or domestic — budget cuts, a potential signal the White House has given up hopes of such an accord with congressional Republicans.

“Despite the fact that there is wide, bipartisan agreement that sequestration is devastating to our Defense Department, tonight, in his State of the Union Address, the president failed to mention it,” Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, a member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees, said in a statement.

“Tonight, I had hoped the president would put forth a plan to reverse the devastating effects of this harmful policy to provide our Service members with the support, funding and certainty they need,” Turner said. “Instead, he ignored the issue of sequestration all together.”

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