Cameroon to get ‘sophisticated’ Russian arms

Cameroon to get ‘sophisticated’ Russian arms

Cameroon’s military will take delivery of “the most sophisticated military equipment from Russia” before the end of 2015, a statement released by President Paul Biya’s office announced on 16 January.

“Among other latest-generation weapons, this includes heavy artillery and missiles, air protection, anti-aircraft missile system, and cannon,” the statement said. “Armoured trucks of Russian production will also be delivered to Cameroon to transport troops.”

It added that Russia was also ready to train Cameroonians in operating these sophisticated systems.

The statement followed a meeting between Biya and the Russian ambassador to Cameroon earlier on 16 January.

A large order of Russian weapons and vehicles would mark a shift in Cameroon’s defence procurement, which has involved the acquisition of Chinese armoured vehicles, patrol boats and HAI Z-9 helicopters in recent years.

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