Turkey Signs Logistical Ship Deal With Shipyard Selah

Turkey Signs Logistical Ship Deal With Shipyard Selah

Local shipyard Selah Makine ve Gemicilik Endustri Ticaret AS will produce two logistical support ships for the Turkish Navy, the Turkish procurement authority announced.

The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) said in a statement that the contract with Selah was signed on Nov. 24.

In March 2013, SSM had launched a competition to acquire two logistical support ships in a project estimated to be worth about US $100 million. SSM said the competition would be open only to local shipyards.

Selah defeated Turkish shipyards Anadolu Deniz Kizaklari, Desan Deniz Insaat, Istanbul Denizcilik, Tuzla Gemi and Turkten Tersane.

Another Turkish shipyard, Sedef, which abstained from the contest, was the first private Turkish shipyard to build a similar ship, the Akar-class Yarbay Kudret Gungor, which was launched in 1994 and commissioned in 1997. The vessel is 145 meters long, operates with 203 crew members and has a platform for one medium-sized helicopter.

Industry sources say that Turkish shipyards are gaining experience in logistical vessels. As part of a deal penned in February 2013, Pakistan’s Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works will build a replenishment tanker designed by Turkish technology and systems engineering company Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik ve Ticaret (STM).

The government-owned STM will supply the design, integrated logistics and support, consultancy and management, training, test and trials support for the Pakistani project. The 15,600-ton, 155-meter-long, double-hull tanker has two replenishment rigs and can embark a medium-sized helicopter.

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