Can Obama pass US immigration reform?

Can Obama pass US immigration reform?

Barack Obama says he will unveil his plan for US immigration reform before the end of the year. But how bold will the president be now that he faces a Republican-controlled Congress?

At the Latin American Youth Center in Washington DC, many voters went to the polls on Tuesday frustrated at the politicians’ failure to reach a deal on immigration reform.

“I am a Latina and I would like to see some help for those who are somehow like me,” said Danubia, an immigrant from El Salvador.

“I hope we will have a noticeable change on immigration, because many people are left without their parents when they are deported,” she told the BBC at the polling station decorated with the colourful flags of Latin America countries.

Danubia is not alone in her worries. According to a poll by the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Hispanic registered voters in the US say new immigration legislation is either extremely important or very important.

Many members of the community, which overwhelmingly supported Mr Obama in 2008 and 2012, are disillusioned because the president has failed to deliver the comprehensive immigration reform he promised.

They are also unhappy because deportations have increased under the Obama administration, earning him the nickname “deporter-in-chief”.

“I am very disappointed because I voted for him twice and nothing has been done,” said Leticia, a voter of Mexican descent.

Immigration has been a cornerstone of Mr Obama’s domestic agenda ever since he became president, but proposals pushed by the Democratic party have been thwarted by Republicans in the House of Representatives. He has since vowed to change policy unilaterally using executive powers.

Mr Obama was supposed to announce his plans by the end of the summer. But as political pressure grew over Central American migrant children illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the US, he decided to postpone action until after the mid-terms.

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