Ivan A. Getting Innovation Award presented to standout AFSPC civilian

Ivan A. Getting Innovation Award presented to standout AFSPC civilian

By [email protected] (1st Lt. Samantha Degnan)

The Air Force Space Command Ivan A. Getting Award was presented to Kurt Neuman, a senior analyst assigned to the Directorate of Plans and Requirements at AFSPC, here Friday.

The award recognizes the year’s most innovative contribution to the AFSPC mission and is awarded to an individual or unit within the command.

The award is named after Dr. Ivan A. Getting, a space pioneer recognized in the Space and Missile Hall of Fame for his creative work in navigational technology and vital work in the development of GPS.

Nominees for the award were individuals or teams who were evaluated on four key factors: novelty, effectiveness, significance and transferability.

Neuman was presented the award by Maj. Gen. David J. Buck, AFSPC vice commander, at the AFSPC headquarters third quarter awards ceremony.

Mr. Neuman directly supported development of the International Code of Conduct, National Space Policy, National Security Space Strategy, Quadrennial Defense Review, and Air Force White Paper on Space.

When asked about receiving the award, Neuman said, “This is really a surprise and an incredible honor.  To receive an award named after such a remarkable innovator and influential pioneer is very humbling.  I can only hope that someday our work will be looked back upon with such significance and lasting impact.”

Neuman’s various efforts pioneered a dramatic shift in space policy and forged a revolutionary shift in space acquisitions strategy. His AFSPC-approved United States Air Force and international policy work enabled the US to make an epic leap from Cold War posturing to 21st century cooperation and transparency.

“This is an important time for the Command.  We need to be on the leading edge of changes in the strategic environment.  The ability to adapt and respond faster than any adversary is critical, and we need a space architecture that allows us to do that,” said Neuman.

Neuman co-authored the first stand-alone AF space policy in seventeen years. His articulation of the AFSPC commander’s resiliency and disaggregated space architecture vision became the guiding-light strategy for the command. This revolutionary strategy united the command, enabling it to bridge a $6.3 billion, five-year cut across the entire space portfolio, while enabling the command through innovation to find the nexus of resiliency, capability and affordability for our next generation space architectures.


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Source:: Air Force Space Command