Warner: Military shipper still losing, damaging cars

Warner: Military shipper still losing, damaging cars

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled the name of the head of the U.S. Transportation Command. He is Gen. Paul Selva.


Despite promises to improve, the contractor hired to ship military members’ cars overseas continues its “terrible performance” – losing and damaging vehicles and providing flawed customs paperwork, according to Sen. Mark Warner.

Warner met Monday with the head of the U.S. Transportation Command, Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, to discuss the problems, saying 160 of his constituents have asked for help. In a statement, the senator expressed concerns about the substandard performance of the contractor, International Auto Logistics, and oversight by the U.S. Transportation Command.

“It is shocking that military members and their families have had to endure months of delays while the contractor apparently remains unprepared to provide acceptable service,” Warner said in the statement. “I made clear to Gen. Selva that unless the performance improves, all options must be on the table, including renegotiating or terminating this contract.”

The situation continues to deteriorate, with relations breaking down between IAL, based in Brunswick, Ga., and a subcontractor that has threatened to quit shipping cars altogether.

On Sunday, the U.S. District Court for Southern Georgia ordered Liberty Global Logistics to continue moving vehicles overseas after it threatened to stop all shipments over a payment dispute with IAL.

Liberty gave notice Friday that it intended to stop work Sunday. But the court ordered the subcontractor to continue working until both sides can present their arguments, saying it was in the public interest.

International Auto Logistics took over the nearly $1 billion contract in May after underbidding the company that had the job for 15 years. By late July, complaints were pouring in about vehicles arriving late or not at all.

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