Election 2014: Congressional candidates respond to federal employee concerns

Election 2014: Congressional candidates respond to federal employee concerns

Federal employees have a particular reason to vote in congressional elections. Members of the House and Senate serve as boards of directors for the federal workplace.

This year, two strong supporters of federal workers from Virginia, Rep. James P. Moran, a Democrat, and Rep. Frank R. Wolf, a Republican, are retiring from the 8th and 10th congressional districts, respectively. The Federal Diary asked each of the major party candidates for those seats a series of questions. We will report their answers this week and next. As usual with politicians, they did not always respond directly to the questions asked. Some comments have been edited for clarity and length.

We begin with Barbara Comstock, the Republican candidate in the 10th District, which stretches from the outer Washington suburbs to West Virginia. Comstock, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, once worked for Wolf, a fact she mentions frequently. We will cover her opponent, Democrat John Foust, a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, online Thursday and in Friday’s print editions of The Washington Post.

Q. What are your top priorities for the federal workforce if you are elected?

A. I’m a former federal employee who has worked as a senior aide to congressman Wolf on federal employees’ issues, a chief counsel on the largest congressional committee, and a senior official at the Department of Justice. I have the highest respect for all of our federal employees. I will continue congressman Wolf’s record of being a champion for our federal employees and ensuring they are always treated with fairness and respect.

I’m going to be a strong voice for federal employees within the Republican caucus, and continue to build on the work of congressman Wolf and Tom Davis [a former GOP member of Congress].

I am going to work to ensure that we have telework and family-friendly work policies for our federal employees.

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