Gallup Poll: Americans Are Divided About Divided Government

Gallup Poll: Americans Are Divided About Divided Government

Americans are divided about whether a single political party should control the federal government.

A new Gallup poll , released just weeks before voters will decide whether the legislative branch soon will be less divided, shows only 30 percent of Americans prefer one-party control.

The remaining are split, with 28 percent saying divided government is preferable and 37 percent saying it doesn’t matter.

The poll was conducted Sept. 4-7 and released Thursday.

Gallup notes in a summary of the survey that control of the federal government has been divided most years over the last half-century.

“As such, Americans may simply be used to divided government and do not see it as better or worse than the alternative,” according to Gallup.

How one answered the question could have been skewed by how that answer affected their preferred political party, Gallup acknowledged.

“Since a Democrat is currently president, Americans may now equate one-party government with a Democratic one-party government,” according to the organization.

“Consistent with this, Republicans currently say they favor divided government over unified government by 33 percent to 24 percent,” Gallup found, “and Democrats favor one-party government by an even larger 29-percentage-point margin, 47 percent to 18 percent.”

The poll’s release comes a few weeks before voters will decide whether Republicans will control both chambers of Congress. Experts say it is highly likely the GOP will wrestle control of the Senate to go with their House majority.

Defense sector sources and pro-military lawmakers are itching for Republican rule in both chambers, saying it should be easier to move Pentagon policy and spending legislation.

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