What It’s Like to Be Snatched by the Delta Force

What It’s Like to Be Snatched by the Delta Force

Swarmed, Tasered, and trundled into a vehicle blindfolded—and that was just the beginning for alleged al Qaeda member Abu Anas al-Liby. Now he’s complaining about his treatment.

Poor little jihadi!

Just listen to the accused al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Liby recount how he was treated by men who suddenly swarmed him outside his home in Tripoli as he returned from morning prayers last October.

“I was Tasered in both my legs and hands,” he says at the start of a tale told in an affidavit unsealed this week in a motion to suppress incriminating statements about his alleged complicity in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

He rightly assumes that his captors were members of the U.S. Army Delta Force. He recalls that one of them spoke to him in English with an American accent:

“We know you can understand us, just keep quiet.”

He was then trundled into what he says was either a minivan or an SUV.

“[I] had ear muffs placed over my ears, my eyes were blindfolded, and I was placed in handcuffs,” he reports.

One of the men sat on him and stayed there as the vehicle sped to a building of some kind.

“While in the building, I was kept on a hard floor in handcuffs and in leg irons,” he says. “Neither the ear muffs nor the blindfold were ever removed from me. I was not offered any food, only water to drink. The people who kidnapped me never identified themselves, never told me how long I would be held, or where I was going to be transported.”

This from a guy who when he fled arrest in England left behind a computer containing “The Al Qaeda Manual.” The manual extols “the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing and destruction,” and says a jihadi’s duties include kidnapping and murdering “enemy personnel as well as foreign tourists.”

And he seems to have made some suppositions not only about who grabbed him but also where they might be transporting him.

“I was convinced that I would end up in one of the CIA’s black site torture prisons in Pakistan or the Bagram Air Base in Kabul, Afghanistan,” he says. “I felt I never would see my family ever again. I lived in morbid fear or my imminent death where its only precursor would be torture.”

So much for hungering for martyrdom and all those virgins waiting in paradise.

“Sometime in the evening, I was brought, still blindfolded, with ear muffs, and handcuffs, to a small boat, which I believe was a Zodiac-type vessel,” he continues in his account. “The Zodiac transported me to another vessel. During the entire ride I felt sick and nauseous as the Zodiac seemed to bounce uncontrollably.”

Seasick! A rough ride!

“I feared that I was going to be tossed overboard.”

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