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Arrow-2 Intercept Test Misses Target

Arrow-2 Intercept Test Misses Target

Israel has determined that a Sept. 9 intercept test of the joint US-Israel Arrow-2 missile missed its target.

Nearly a week of analysis from last Tuesday’s test concluded that the Arrow-2 successfully acquired and tracked its target, yet failed to destroy it in the “end game.”

Experts here blamed the miss on software issues that are easily corrected. They consistently described the Arrow interceptor as performing well, particularly in its ability to discriminate real from what appears to be false targets.

In a press briefing following the Sept. 9 test, Israeli program officials said data from supporting sensors and the Arrow itself could not conclusively determine if an actual intercept occurred.

An official US and Israeli account of the event said the operational Arrow-2 “was launched and performed its flight sequence as planned,” results of which “are being analyzed by program engineers.”

An MoD official at the time said it would take days to analyze the voluminous data.

“Until we have all the objective engineering data… we don’t want to say one way or another,” the MoD official told reporters after last week’s test.

US and Israeli sources said the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency and Arrow program officials in Huntsville, Ala., have received a detailed after-action account from the Israel Missile Defense Organization.

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