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Friday, June 25, 2021

GOP Member Offers Window Into Lawmakers’ Concerns Over Syrian Rebel Authorities, Funds

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A conservative US House member on Friday provided a window into concerns about a White House counterterrorism request that has delayed a bill to avert a government shutdown.

After years of “fiscal cliffs,” shutdowns and other dramatics, Capitol Hill on Thursday again descended into chaos and confusion.

This time, members were questioning President Barack Obama’s request that a continuing resolution include authorities to train Syrian rebels in Saudi Arabia. The CR, unveiled Tuesday by House Republicans, includes $500 million for that work.

On Friday, Rep. Mike Mulvaney, R-S.C., appearing on MSNBC, said members of both parties “have the same questions” about Obama’s plan.

For one, Mulvaney said members are concerned that Middle East countries are doing too little to combat the Islamic State, which controls a large swath of land in Syria and Iraq.

“Success depends on getting more from them,” Mulvaney said. “If we don’t have support from folks there, aren’t we just repeating the mistakes from the last 40 years?”

The House is set to leave for a seven-week midterm campaign recess in one week; the Senate will leave the following week.

The CR must be signed by Obama by Sept. 30 to avoid a government shutdown.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon, R-Calif., on Thursday predicted members ultimately will back the $500 million and the new authorities.

Read More:GOP Member Offers Window Into Lawmakers’ Concerns Over Syrian Rebel Authorities, Funds | Defense News | defensenews.com.

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