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Arrow-2 Intercept Test Inconclusive, Israel Says

Arrow-2 Intercept Test Inconclusive, Israel Says

The outcome of today’s test of the US-Israel Arrow-2 interceptor is inconclusive and will remain so, officials here say, until data is fully analyzed over the next few days.

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) issued a laconic account of the Sept. 9 intercept test conducted over the Mediterranean Sea. It noted that the operational Arrow-2 “was launched and performed its flight sequence as planned,” results of which “are being analyzed by program engineers.”

In a follow-on conference call with reporters, an MoD official said improved Block 4.1 versions of the operational system acquired and sustained its target “up to the end of the mission.”

But available data from long-range, high-speed cameras and telemetry from the interceptor itself did not immediately provide definitive results of the so-called end game.

“Sometimes it’s very straightforward to identify that, yes, it performed perfectly,” a senior MoD official here said. “Other times, there are some inconsistencies that are not immediately verifiable. So until we have all the objective engineering data… we don’t want to say one way or another.”

An executive at the MLM Division of Israel Aerospace Industries, prime contractor for the Arrow interceptor, estimated it would take “a few days” to analyze voluminous data.

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