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US House Could Vote This Week To Avert Government Shutdown

US House Could Vote This Week To Avert Government Shutdown

The US House soon could vote on a spending measure that would keep the Pentagon and other federal agencies funded while lawmakers hit the campaign trail.

Federal funding will run out on Sept. 30. The House could recess for midterm-election campaigning as soon as Sept. 19, and the Senate could leave Washington just four days later.

That means both chambers will have to pass a continuing resolution (CR) and send a final version to President Barack Obama before they scatter out across the country.

An official House email sent out Monday morning containing this week’s floor schedule places a CR in the “possible consideration” column.

Republican leaders see a government shutdown as a political loser, and are resisting calls from their conservative ranks to include in a CR controversial issues such as immigration provisions.

GOP brass want to move a “clean CR” free of controversial provisions, then head back to secure what some experts say will be a widened majority in the House and perhaps a slim majority in the Senate.

“The only people talking about a government shutdown are the Democrats and nobody has any interest in doing that. So I think we’ll pass a clean CR that would operate the government probably into December,” Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said during a Fox Business Network interview. “And that will be the height of the drama. Not much drama on that issue.”

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