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Lawmakers offer bills authorizing use of military force against ISIS

Lawmakers in the House and Senate on Monday introduced separate bills authorizing military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Republican Rep. Frank Wolf (Va.) offered the bills.

Nelson’s bill would give President Obama congressional authority to order airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but it limits the authority to three years.

It also states the authority would not allow the president to deploy ground troops as part of the effort.

“This is a barbaric group that’s committed heinous acts of torture and murder, and we have to go after them now — not only in Iraq, but in Syria as well,” Nelson said in a statement.

Wolf’s bill would allow the president “to use all necessary and appropriate force” against terrorist groups including ISIS.

The Republican’s bill does not forbid the use of ground troops and includes no time element.

The bills are the first congressional action taken on authorizing the president’s use of force against ISIS since lawmakers returned from a five-week recess on Monday.

Lawmakers are receiving briefings from administration and intelligence officials this week, as the president prepares to unveil his strategy against ISIS on Wednesday.


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