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UK to Pledge 3,500 Troops to NATO Rapid Response Force

UK to Pledge 3,500 Troops to NATO Rapid Response Force

 Britain has pledged to commit 3,500 troops to a new NATO spearhead force expected to be announced by alliance leaders on the second day of the summit, according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The alliance is expected to endorse plans to resurrect high readiness forces similar to those that were stood down in 2002 with a new force capable of deploying anywhere in the world in between two and five days, Cameron said in the opening summit address Sept 5.

NATO is calling it the “Very High Readiness Joint Task Force” or “Spearhead,” for short. It will be headquartered in Poland and have pre-positioned equipment available to it, Cameron said.

The commitment of troops to the new high readiness force and other measures comes as NATO faces increasing threats from Russia and militant groups in the Middle East.

The British Prime Minister said that Russia had “ripped up the rule book in Ukraine and there was an arc of instability across the Middle East.”

Creation of the high readiness force is part of a wider alliance push to improve capabilities, training and speed of response to those, and other, threats.

Britain has said it will sign a letter of intent at the summit with Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway to create a Joint Expeditionary Force to improve capability co-operation.

The force is separate to the high readiness units Britain committed to today.

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