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2 South Korean Soldiers Die in Anti-Captivity Training


Two South Korean soldiers apparently suffocated during an exercise meant to prepare them for capture by the enemy, military officials said Wednesday.The two soldiers, both staff sergeants in a special forces unit, died late Tuesday at their base in Jeungpyeong, about 60 miles southeast of Seoul, according to a spokesman for their unit, who briefed reporters on the condition that he not be identified. The soldiers’ full names were not released, but the spokesman said they were in their early 20s.The training exercise was meant to enhance soldiers’ endurance should they be taken prisoner, the spokesman said. The soldiers were required to kneel with hoods over their heads and their hands tied behind their backs. Trainers realized the exercise was going wrong when another soldier, who was later hospitalized, screamed and flailed his legs, the spokesman said.He said the military was investigating the deaths, with a particular focus on whether the training had been properly supervised.The incident occurred as the South Korean military was already facing public anger over the death of a private who had suffered weeks of abuse from his fellow soldiers and died while being beaten. The army’s chief of staff resigned amid accusations that the military had covered up details of the abuse.

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