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Thursday, January 26, 2023

12 Accessibility Tools Every Business Needs | Entrepreneur

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It’s crucial for companies and publishers to offer top-notch digital experiences. To put it another way, it refers to making sure that web content and sites are readable and available to everyone. 

You can start by being familiar with the WAI recommendations and using online accessibility tools to assess the accessibility of your website. Despite this, your options are limited. Understanding how people with disabilities utilize assistive technology and accessibility software when browsing the web. you can make significant adjustments to guarantee that everyone, including those utilizing assistive technologies, has equal access to your website. 

  1. Adobe Acrobat
  2. NVDA
  3. JAWS Screen Reader
  4. Color Safe
  5. Logickeyboard Braille PC Nero Slim Line Keyboard
  6. HumanWare Brailliant BI 40
  7. ZoomText
  8. IrisVision
  9. Eye Gaze Edge System
  10. Color Contrast Analyzer
  11. Dragon Speech Recognition
  12. WAVE

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/growth-strategies/12-accessibility-tools-every-business-needs/441731 


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